Tervis Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

The Tervis Company in Florida has an unconditional lifetime guarantee should your tumbler become defective or broken. No receipt is needed, just make sure your tumbler says "Tervis" on the bottom.

To take advantage of the Tervis lifetime guarantee, send your defective tumblers directly to Tervis:

Tervis Tumbler Company
Attention: Returns
201 Triple Diamond Blvd
North Venice FL 34275

Be sure to include a note explaining the problem along with your name and return shipping address, so they can send you your replacements.

What makes a Tervis a Tervis?

The Tervis Tumbler name, logo, emblems, images, designs, and brand are the sole property of Tervis Tumbler and are represented on this site as authorized by Tervis Tumbler. All licensed designs to include Al Agnew, Guy Harvey, and all NCAA artwork featured on the items represented is the copyrighted work of each respective owner and are used with the express permission of Tervis. Prior Written consent is required for their reuse.

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