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With Tervis Tumblers, you'll never "sweat" over your drinking glasses again. They are virtually shatterproof, keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold longer, reduce condensation (no more sweating) and don't leave rings. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe! Plus all Tervis tumblers carry a Unconditional Lifetime Factory Guarantee.


What are Tervis Tumblers made of?
Tervis Tumblers are made of high quality polycarbonate - the same durable material found in bulletproof windows, airplane windows, space shuttles, and shields carried by riot police officers. Polycarbonate is ten times more impact-resistant than other plastics.

What makes Tervis Tumblers so popular?
The double wall insulation keeps hot drinks hotter, cold drinks colder, and ice cubes last up to three times longer in a Tervis tumbler. In hot climates, where most drinkware soon becomes slippery with dripping moisture, Tervis Tumblers do not. Although no glass is totally sweat-proof, Tervis Tumblers resist condensation and they eliminate most "water ring" problems. Plus, they're guaranteed for life!

What sizes are Tervis Tumblers available in?
12 oz - the perfect size for that evening drink or as a stem less wine glass. For those late night milk drinkers, this is the tumbler for you. 16 oz - the best selling size and our favorite. Great for water, soda, and tea for starters. This standard cup also fits in most car cup holders. Match it up with an optional lid and straw and your favorite drink goes mobile. 17 oz - so many uses for the handled mug. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate for starters. Great for soup and ice cream too. 24 oz - also affectionately known as the big T, great for that mega coffee on those chilly Saturday morning soccer games. Like to keep a lot of water on your desk during the day? The Big T is for you. Fits in most car cup holders making it a travel essential.

Are Tervis Tumblers safe for outdoor use?
Yes. They are durable, unsinkable, and virtually indestructible! That makes Tervis Tumblers perfect for around the pool or patio, at the beach, on the boat or RV, or around the golf course. Optional travel lids make them even more versatile for people on the go!

How do Tervis Tumblers compare to less expensive look-alikes?
Quality construction, endless design options, and an incredible lifetime guarantee are just a few of the features setting Tervis Tumblers apart from the rest. Others may look like a Tervis Tumbler - until they lose their clarity and toughness, become dingy, scratched, even warped. And unlike less expensive look-alikes, Tervis Tumblers are made for life!

How can I be sure it's a genuine Tervis Tumbler?
Look for the Tervis name and lifetime guarantee printed on the bottom of each tumbler. If it doesn't say Tervis, then it's not a genuine Tervis Tumbler!

How long have Tervis Tumblers been around?
Tervis Tumblers were originally patented in 1946. For over 60 years, Tervis has been dedicated to upholding the same high standards for quality and customer satisfaction.

How did Tervis get its name?
The original founders of Tervis Tumbler Company, two engineers named Cotter and Davis, used the last half of their names to create the name Tervis for their innovative tumbler.

Can tumblers be purchased without any emblem or design?
Yes. Each insulated tumbler and mug is available in your choice of either clear with no emblem, or with a distinctive, colorful emblem or graphic inserted between the two tumbler walls.

Are Tervis Tumblers dishwasher-safe?
Yes. Tervis Tumblers can be washed safely on the top rack of the dishwasher. They are also freezer-safe, and non-metallic designs can be used in the microwave.

How does the lifetime replacement policy work?
All products carry the Tervis incredible lifetime guarantee. Under their no-hassle return policy, any defective tumbler or mug may be sent directly to Tervis for replacement. No proof of purchase is required. Please visit our unconditional lifetime factory guarantee page for return instructions.

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